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Jason Theodor has worked as a Creative in the digital advertising world since 1996. He remembers the primordial screech of low-speed modems connecting to the web, when HTML had no CSS, when Flash was called Future Splash, and when GIF Animator was the only product to create ads.

Jason Theodor has devoted his adult life to understanding the nature of creativity. His goal is to inspire, empower and enable creativity in others through his creative framework: Create More Better Different. Jason lives and works in Toronto, Canada for Publicis Modem as Creative Director.

Speaking Engagements

Jason's presentations have been viewed hundreds of thousands of times online, and been seen by thousands of people since he started public speaking back in 2005. He has guest-lectured at many colleges and universities including NYU, Humber College, Ontario College of Art and Design, Ivey School of Business, and Rotman's School of Business to name a few. He has spoken at conferences all over the world including Verge, FITC, NXNEi, iab MIXX, and springfestival. A few times a year he does full day creative workshops. An almost complete list of previous engagements can be seen below.

Public Engagements (2005-present)

Guest Writer

• 99% By Behance
M.A.P.S.: The 4 Pillars of Creative Job Fulfillment
"If you don’t figure out what you want to become, someone else will define it for you."

• Marketing Magazine
What Is A Digital Art Director?

"Learn as much as you can about everything, but specialize in a few things that you can get excited about."

Contact Information

Jason Theodor
Creative: Director/Speaker/Writer
+1 416 662 0144


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